ALFI Private Equity Fund

ALFI Private Equity Fund (ALFI PE SIS) is an independent private equity fund focusing on investing in developing, innovative and fast-growing first class SMEs and midcaps based or doing business predominantly in Slovenia and in Croatia. We focus on identifying business opportunities in companies and in teaming up with people with whom we share passion and a strategic vision. We have strong focus on operational improvements, potential for international expansion and long-term performance. By making companies stronger and better positioned for long-term growth, we can help create good jobs, support local communities and, ultimately, secure the future of people. 


The ALFI PE SIS Fund was established with a payment of EUR 25 million, from otherwise EUR 100 million extensive Slovenian Capital Growth Investment Program – SEGIP, which was founded and co-financed by Slovenian Export and Development Bank (SID banka) and European Investment Fund (EIF), each investing EUR 50 million. Moreover, the fund mobilized additional funds from private investors in the amount of 1.8 times the SEGIP means of payment. The purpose of SID Banks establishment of the SEGIP program is to support Slovenias innovative and fast-growing small, medium and mid-cap companies with up to 3,000 employees, as well as the activities of foreign companies in Slovenia. The key goals are to stimulate the growth, further development and expansion/entrance of Slovenian companies to foreign markets and the creation of new jobs in Slovenia through equity financing, as well as the long-term sustainable development of VC/PE investment funds on the capital market in the Republic of Slovenia.

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The Fund was established under Slovene Equity Growth Investment Programme (SEGIP), introduced by SID Bank and the European Investment Fund (EIF).

The Fund was established under Slovene Equity Growth Investment Programme (SEGIP), introduced by SID Bank and the European Investment Fund (EIF).

A central component of our investment strategy is to pursue friendly negotiated transactions with management partners who can participate meaningfully in the rewards of success

We invest in accordance with The Slovene Equity Growth Investment Programme (SEGIP), introduced by SID Bank and the European Investment Fund (EIF).

Typical situations are growth acceleration and internationalization, replacement capital which would facilitate succession of founding entrepreneur, product/service offering expansion, new strategy or sector consolidation and MBOs.

We make controlling stake investments in companies operating in various industries with sales typically in a range of EUR 5 - 30 million with typicall investment in a range of EUR 2 - 10 million.

We invest in fast-growing first class companies with global potential.

We seek to build and develop businesses together with founders/management. Our objective is to improve the market position of the company in a sustainable manner. We aim to make successful companies even more successful.


Market position
ALFI PE focuses on fast-growing businesses with global potential 
Focus territory 
Companies established or with main operations in Slovenia and Croatia
The priority shall be investments in the following sectors:
• Niche manufacturing
• General services
• Healthcare
• General retail
• Financial technology
• Marine services
• Software
• Quick service restaurants 
Ownership structure
• Participation of founders/management is strongly encouraged
• We are flexible and we do not exclude any form
• Preferred majority stakes
Equity Investment 
Preferred equity value range EUR 2–10 million
Transactions Types 
Typically Buy-out and succession-driven transactions with growth potential and clean path for consolidation or internationalization.
Investment Time Frame 

Long term and flexible investment horizon (typically 5 – 8 years) 

Exit strategy
Through trade sale, IPO, MBO
App for investors
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